Mario Games We Want Ported To Nintendo Switch

Here are all the classic Mario games we still want to see arrive on Nintendo Switch. Experience mario party online emulator on your modern devices with our emulator.

I don’t want 3DS games ported to Switch… | ChaseYama

I have a hot take: I don’t think 3DS games would work well on Nintendo Switch… Here’s why!


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9 Games We Want Ported To The Switch

We missed a lot of games on the Wii U, so here’s to hoping we get more ports to Nintendo’s current console!

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5 More Games that NEED a Switch Port

So about this time last year I made a video about 5 games I thought should be ported to Switch and to some surprise my predictions were decently accurate with a new Wii Sports and a new Kirby game on the Switch. So now that we know a lot of the lineup for 2022 I think it’s a great time to talk about 5 more games I could definitely see being ported to the Nintendo Switch, so without further ado, let’s get started!

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What New Mario Games Will Come to The Switch?

Mario. We really don’t know anything about the next Mario games that will come to the Nintendo Switch. Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope is the only upcoming Mario game that we know about and so in this video I’ll be talking about all the new Mario games that might come to the Nintendo Switch.

The 3D Mario games are easily the most beloved Mario games, and so we’re definitely in for another 3D Mario game on the Switch. Some people might think that because the Nintendo Switch has gotten 3, 3D Mario games, but only one of these games is actually a new game, and so the Switch is definitely going to get another 3D Mario game.

Super Mario Odyssey 2 is the first thing that comes to mind, as not only does Super Mario Odyssey have heaps of potential for countless sequels, but the game also sold really frickin well.

If we don’t get Super Mario Odyssey 2 as the next 3D Mario game, I think we could potentially see a port of Super Mario Galaxy 2. I doubt Nintendo left it out of Super Mario 3D All Stars for no reason, so I reckon we might see a port of Super Mario Galaxy 2. Obviously there’s no real way of knowing what the next 3D Mario game is going to be, but there is definitely going to be another one that makes its way to the Switch.

2D Mario games always sell insanely well, no matter how fun or creative they are, so another 2D Mario game will definitely release on the Switch. While there are technically two 2D Mario games on the Switch, one of these is a port, and the other is more of a spin off 2D Mario game, so there is definitely still a chance that Nintendo develop a brand new 2D Mario game for the Switch.

As I mentioned earlier, games from the 2D Mario series always sell insanely well, like the worst selling 2D Mario game is New Super Mario Bros. U with 5 million copies, and even then, the Wii U only sold — million units so 5 million copies is still a lot.

I see Nintendo releasing the next mainline 2D Mario game in the final year of the Switch as an easy way to make a stupid amount of money, without putting all that much effort in, as 2D Mario games just aren’t as time consuming and costly to develop as other Mario games, yet they still sell insanely well.

Seeing as a new Mario sports game releases on the Nintendo Switch every year or so, it’s safe to say that another Mario sports game will definitely come to the Switch, and I think the next Mario Sports game will be a Mario baseball game.

Of the 5 existing Mario sports series, the Mario baseball series is the only series that doesn’t have a game on the Switch. It would also just be a huge missed opportunity if a Mario baseball game were to not release on the Switch as the joycons have incredible motion control functionalities that would make pitching a baseball and swinging a bat really damn fun.

Also it is worth mentioning that both of the Mario baseball games sold relatively well when they released on their respective systems over a decade ago.

If the next Mario sports game isn’t a baseball game, there is a chance it could be another Mario Sports Mix, style of game that combines 4 or 5 sports into one game, as Mario Sports Mix on the Wii was a pretty bad game but still sold two million copies.