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20 Tips & Tricks for New/Returning Players in DragonFable 2021

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0:00 Intro
0:36 3rd Party Launchers
1:27 Optimizing Performance
2:40 Daily DCs
3:26 Feed your Dragon
4:53 Getting Dragon early
6:44 Manual Pet Actions
8:13 Base Class
10:25 Stats
11:17 Elemental Coverage
12:10 Potion Levelling
13:38 Food & 5 Potions
16:50 Guests
19:36 Gearing for Story
20:04 Defender’s Medals Farming
20:45 Check Statuses
21:13 All Resist & Health Resist
22:12 DC Sales
22:48 Storybook Collection
23:40 DC Weapon Specials
23:53 Community

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Dragonfable Cheat

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