Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific Review

Silent Hunter 4 is an excellent simulation of World War II submarine warfare in the Pacific.

Silent Hunter 1 Content Review & Gameplay

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Our First Kill | Ep 1 | 1939 – Patrol 1 | Silent Hunter 5 Wolves of Steel, Let’s Play

Silent Hunter 5 is a realistic military u-boat simulation in which you take the role of a captain of a German U-Boat from 1939 to the end of the war. We’ll be sinking shipping, avoiding destroyers and engaging with the rich history of the second world war at sea. Join Oberleutnant Friedrich Voigt, as him and the crew of U-48 attempt to survive in the branch of the Kriegsmarine with the lowest life expectancy. Indulge in the golden age of gaming - explore library of ZX spectrum emulator games online.

We’re running the Wolves of Steel modpack which adds a ton of realism and fixes a number of long-standing issues with the game. The game in its vanilla state is somewhat broken, and I would not recommend it. With the Wolves of Steel modpack however, it’s still pretty broken but it’s at least fun. This game’s got equal amounts of jank and charm.

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silent hunter 5 with the wolves of steel the good and then the bad

Join Captain Von Viktor House on this semi RP Lets play of Silent Hunter 5 with The Wolves Of Steel mod.

Lets Play Silent Hunter 4 – Episode 1 – USS S-37 First Patrol

Silent Hunter 4 is a game from the mid 2000’s in which you are the captain of various US WWII Submarines. In this episode, we rock an S-Boat from WWI, the S-37. This boat is also the same submarine that Mush Morton captained during the early parts of WWII. With a limited crew size and limited torpedo capacity she’s an added challenge to play. Add the only torpedo option you have is the Mark 10 torpedo

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